WOLT courier form

By filling in this form you can quicken up the process to start KATA.

1. Choose the type of order:

One time order: starting an individual enterprise, registration for chamber and business tax, generating API keys, biller setup. Price: 4500 Ft (gross).

Continuous order: everything included in the one time order plus keeping revenue records, representation before the authorities Price: 5000 Ft/month (gross).

2. Full time or part time: Choose if you want to work as full time or part time KATA individual entrepreneur.

Full time KATA: you don't have an official job extending to more than 36 hours/week or you are not a full time student or you are not an old pensioner.

Part time KATA: you have an official job extending to more than 36 hours/week or you are a full time student or you are an old pensioner.

3. Personal data:   your mobile no., name, address, TAJ no. (health insurance no.), tax identification no., date and place of birth, mother's name, user name and password for Hungarian Customer portal. These data are needed to start an individual business.

4.  Indicate your e-mail address: In a reply message we will send our general contract conditions and our accounting contract (legalized and signed electrically) to your e-mail address. After reading our e-mail we ask you to write us "I accept the terms of your contract" if you agree. Then we consider the contract signed and accepted by yourself. (The contract is for an indefinite period and can be terminated any time by either party.)

5.  Indicate the seat of your business: it can be your address or your place of residence.

6. Indicate when you want us to start your business: your business will start as of the date you indicate. (we will of course contact you after you fill in the data form).

If you have any questions regarding the completion of the form, please call our office (our mobile no.: 06/30 6082415).

You can download our data info sheet at the bottom of this page.

Our office only deals with individual entrepreneurs working under KATA as well as companies.


By clicking on this link you can get info about the payment conditions of KATA on the website of WOLT as well: 

Wolt Futárok