More about our office

Our team believes in innovative solutions, so we want to offer something new to help our member companies get their finances right. Today, there are many ways in which an accountant can help ensure a smooth interaction with their clients. Almost every company has problems, and to avoid them, in addition to communication and the ability to deal with the situation, it is very important to meet tight deadlines. Those who take advantage of these opportunities in the industry can overcome all the obstacles that have been the source of problems up to now. These include, for example: missing invoices, which can be a nuisance for the owner of a company with a large amount of VAT, as a VAT-registered company can save a lot of money by claiming back VAT on its invoices. In addition, there are also cases where the data had to be requested for the purpose of completing the missing information. This is done using a program to cross-reference and request the data that was recorded when the company was registered. In addition, our software is one of the newest and most innovative accounting software, which allows us to import your outgoing and incoming invoices immediately into the program, so that if it is not important for you to hand over your invoices to us on a monthly basis, we only need to meet you in person for important matters according to your company's needs.

The most important pillar of our office is to build trust between client and accountant, and above all to establish a value for money that both parties can be satisfied with, helping Hungarian small business owners and even start-ups.

Our young, dynamic team can easily overcome the latest technical hurdles.

We are covered by accounting liability insurance, so you won't have any unpleasant surprises. We comply with all the legal requirements and help our clients to keep their tax optimisation in line with the law, so that at the end of the year we can effectively close the year with a profitable company that is fully "NAV-ready".