Our prices : (Net prices)

Starting a KATA business / Online invoicing / Key generation

Opening a one-off business if you just need help getting started.

4500  Ft

KATA-s vállalkozók folyamatos könyvelése

Ebben az esetben csak a havi bruttó 5 000 Ft/hó összeget kell megfizetni. 

5 000 Ft/month

Flat-rate taxin the case of ongoing assignments of self-employed persons: Additional / Main job.

It includes the start-up and ongoing monthly bookkeeping of the sole proprietorship, plus the necessary registrations (API key generation, Chamber/IPA registration), monthly tax returns, suspension/termination, sick pay claims, end of year income tax return, end of year IPA return, representation before the authorities.

Return of the deposit.

In case of termination, suspension or termination of the contract at the request of the client.

    The price is fixed, without hidden costs!


Flat-rate taxpayers who are self-employed for a single assignment:

Starting a sole proprietorship, necessary registrations (API key generation, Chamber/IPA registration).

3543 Ft+Vat


For new and existing clients we do not charge a fee for the advice!

0 Ft